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(1) Turn off the radio in your car after dropping your kids off for school in the morning. Enjoy this quiet time! Use this time to think! We are so used to the noise of the radio that we don’t take advantage of this precious alone time.

(2) Implement a mandatory Reading Hour for your children on the weekends so you have a full hour of quiet time to yourself. You may have to give your children incentive to read rather than horseplay as you begin establishing this routine. So, instead of taking your kids to the arcade as you were planning to, make it mandatory that they read quietly for an hour in order to earn that visit to the arcade. People, including kids, tend not to cherish things as much when they are simply given to them. More value is placed on the prize when it is earned.

(3) Use your lunch hour at work to be alone. This is very therapeutic!

(4) Drop your kids off at your church for Bible study! This gives you a good 1 to 1 1/2 hours of alone time.

(5) Take advantage of Parents Night Out events that are typically offered by businesses that offer services for children such as gymnastics, soccer, karate and YMCA facilities.

(6) Wake up 30 minutes before you typically wake your children up. I use this time to pray, do yoga, gather my thoughts and oftentimes to fold the clothes that my husband washed the day before.

(7) Take advantage of your volunteer-time benefit through your employer by volunteering for a cause you are passionate about. Enjoy the ride over to the venue alone. While volunteering you will feel just as good as you would spending time alone because you will be working passionately!

Ladies, in closing I want to urge you to implement these tips to “regain” some of your time. You already have the time, I’m just showing you how to reorganize things in your life in order to take advantage of your time. However, you MUST commit to using this time for YOU! Otherwise you will be back to feeling drained and exhausted. Don’t use this time to run errands for others or to get on the phone and gossip. Instead, journal, write out your business ideas and start mapping out a plan to implement your ideas. Read a good book. Explore some exercises that you can start implementing right away. Look up some healthy meals and seriously write out and purchase the ingredients. There is a lot that you can do!

With Loads of Love, A Frantic Mom 💗💞

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