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Visit A Coach or Counselor

Hello Frantic Mom Friends!

I’m writing to you today to recommend that we all go and see a coach or counselor. Given that we’ve had to live our lives in an unprecedented way for the past couple of years, I think its a great idea to go and sit with a professional to talk and see where you’re at. Many companies will pay for this as part of your employee benefit package.

Take advantage of this for your overall well-being. Meet with a coach/counselor and just start talking. You may be amazed to find feelings you didn’t know you were subconsciously suppressing!

It’s not healthy in any way to hold onto emotions that impact you negatively; so get some help to figure out how to work through any issues…known or unknown, that you need to address.

Even if it turns out you’re totally fine and don’t have any weight-bearing issues to work on, at least you know where you stand. In this case, use the session to talk about next steps to work on in order to achieve goals you’ve set for yourself. Oftentimes we have blind spots that are stopping us from getting to the next level. A coach or counselor can help you see those blind spots to help you move toward reaching your goals. Do this before you become frustrated and start to develop a negative mindset around your goals.

Wishing you all the best!

Until next time…

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