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Whose Is Better???

We had a contest. A drawing contest—and you see, I can’t draw. But surprisingly my picture was not nearly as bad as I thought…

My daughter gave me an art assignment. She said draw a fashionable girl. So I did. There she is below.

My artwork

Now I’ll show you my daughter’s…

My daughter’s artwork

I think we both did an awesome job! But although my daughter’s picture is neater and more nicely put together, mine is more interesting and detailed. We asked for votes and we got equal votes to my surprise.

I got votes based on the details I added; use of colors; and for an interesting-looking presentation—not for drawing better.

Challenge your kiddos to an art contest too and I guaranteed that, like me, you too will learn something. I learned you don’t always have to be the best at something to get noticed or to “win”. Just do your best with what know and you’ll be surprised at the outcome!

Until next time…

A Frantic Mom ❤️

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