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10 Secrets To Happiness!

  1. Don’t rush! Start by waking up early enough so you have the time required to avoid rushing.

  2. Go to bed early…so you can wake up early and avoid rushing.

  3. Do a little cleaning in the morning before work….this works great for folding clothes. Rather than gripe about having to fold clothes I use clothes-folding time to get my thoughts together for the day and at the same time I’m accomplishing a vital task. Wow!

  1. Don’t let others overwhelm you. If you cannot do something, say you cannot. It’s okay!

  2. Ask your kids about their day.

  3. Get on the floor and do some form of exercise. Lift a leg, stretch, do a stomach crunch. Just do something! It will make you feel so good.

  1. Communicate with God throughout your day and involve Him in every decision you make.

  2. Just Do It! Don’t wait to do things.

  3. Practice Patience. This will reduce your stress level. Choose one thing to consciously commit to practicing patience on each day.

  4. Find time to sit down and talk to your significant other.

Share some things you do to feel happy each day by leaving a comment below! Until next time ladies…💜

A Frantic Mom 💜

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