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Auntie Peaches 🍑

Hello and Happy New Year!!!

I want to share with you my experience at Auntie Peaches Apothecary located at 1831 N. Pearl Street, Jacksonville, FL 32206.

I arrived and was warmly greeted by my dear friend, Auntie Peaches! I browsed her store and selected an

immune boosting herbal tea and a colon cleansing herbal tea.

Me with Auntie Peaches

Additionally, I purchased a women’s empowerment book, as I really enjoy reading on positive, uplifting subjects!

While there, Auntie Peaches had Mo ‘V, The Vegan Chic make me an amazing vegan burger at her store which is directly next door to Auntie Peaches. Mo’V also sang 2 beautiful songs for us…she has such an amazing voice!

After getting all of my healthy goodies at Auntie Peaches Apothecary, Auntie Peaches walked me over to Ke’Say’s Boutique, which is in the same business strip, and I got a beautiful African dress.

After leaving Ke’Say’s boutique, Auntie Peaches took me to Icecapades, which is also within the same business strip. There I had a delicious, healthy, fruit and vegetable smoothie and I got some popsicles to take home to my kids. Icecapades packed my kids’ popsicles with an ice pack so they would not melt on my way home. My kids really enjoyed the popsicles which were made with fresh and natural ingredients.

Visit Auntie Peaches online to find the best natural healing and well-being products. Her website is: You can purchase products online and have them shipped to you!

Until next time…A Frantic Mom 👜

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