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Change Is Fantastic!

I’ve made a lot of changes this year that feel absolutely amazing! I feel like weights have been lifted after making these changes.

As I result, I evaluate/analyze my life in a healthy way looking for things I can change. Thus far, all of the changes I’ve made have been wonderful!

I don’t approach my “life-change-analysis” in a way that is critical or overbearing. It is honestly fun and energizing to me.

Well let me share some of the changes I’ve made that have me amped up!

I’ve changed:

Where I live. We temporarily downgraded with regard to size but I absolutely love where I live! It is so refreshing!

My kids’ school. My husband was worried about our kids missing their friends; however, I told him we will stay in touch with their old friends and they will have no problem making new friends. Thus far we are thrilled with the change! We love their old school but sometimes it’s just nice to try something new.

Walking my kids to school instead of driving them. It allows me to spend quality time with my kids. We enjoy the calming essence of nature. And I get in a morning workout from the walking.

Who I bank with.

My cell phone service provider.

My car insurer. Also, instead of paying monthly, I pay my 6-month premium in 2 monthly payments. It feels great to have 4 months free of car insurance payments!

How much I save.

My budget. More saving and spend-ability coupled with less worrying!

Where I shop! I don’t shop at stores simply to save a few bucks. How the store makes me feel (I.e, my customer experience) is much more important to me.

Lastly, How I shop. I use Drive-Up shopping services which has been a true time saver!

I hope this made you think of changes you can make in your life to experience more of the joy that life has to offer!

Until next time…

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