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Listening to and Taking Care of Your Needs

Good afternoon Friends!

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

I want to ask you all to learn to listen to your own needs and moral desires. We tend to find it very easy to take good care of others but we often neglect taking good care of ourselves.

Taking care of yourself requires you to become “quiet” so you begin to sense your needs and desires. You will become quiet by reducing distractions in your life. Some quick-action areas for reducing distractions are: watching less TV and social media; purposefully spending more time with yourself; disengaging negative things and people; and reducing busyness in your life.

Take note of what you begin sensing. Do you sense a need to address or resolve an issue you’ve been burying deep down in your soul? Are you longing for a career change? Are you longing for a deeper or more meaningful relationship with yourself or someone else? Do you need to hone down and really get your finances under control? Whatever deep needs you have now will only be discovered once you slow down and start paying attention to yourself.

Even if you don’t have any deep issues you need to look into, focus on surface-level issues as those can become deep issues if not resolved in a timely manner. Some surface-level issues may be: you need to take a vacation; you need to lose a few pounds; you need to start eating better; or you simply need to focus on brushing and flossing your teeth more to avoid huge dental expenses that could arise if you don’t.

Lastly I’d like to encourage you to begin taking care of yourself in this manner starting today! There is no need to put it off until the new year and name it a “New Year Resolution”. Work on it today…You will be very happy that you did!

A Frantic Mom

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