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Mindfulness—A Key Ingredient For Effective Parenting

Hello my Frantic Mom Friends!

I love to read! Especially about topics that improve my life in some way. As I learn, I share with you all. I came across something beautiful and useful that I want to give to each of you!

Below is a Mindfulness Bingo challenge. Remember, how we played bingo in school? Get 5 in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Ladies I challenge you to take this activity to heart. Make tomorrow your start date with a goal of getting “bingo” by Saturday. When you incorporate mindfulness into your life your vision will be like that of an eagle or tiger. You will become more in tune with your kids’ true needs and become a more effective parent, woman and mate. You start seeing things differently…in a positive light. You actually become a positive light!

A personal example:

My youngest daughter, Naomi, is 5 and I’ve always known her to be the one that hates to clean up (negative view). She will find ways to lolligag and just altogether avoid cleaning. Well as I’ve become more in tune with my kids by practicing different mindfulness activities, I’ve realized Naomi does not dislike ALL cleaning activities and I’ve chosen to play to her strengths with regard to helping out around the house (positive light). I’ve learned she loves to help me with anything related to cooking and she loves sorting and putting away folded clothes which are both very helpful to me. I fold the clothes and Naomi does a great job of sorting because she knows which items belong to her and which ones belong to her siblings and she places the clothing items in the correct locations according to ownership. I believe Naomi will eventually get better with her cleaning attitude (LOL) but for now this works perfectly ❤️!

Another beautiful thing I’ve noticed is my kids compliment me more because I’m in a better state of mindfulness. I’m not frantic and frazzled and in a rush all of the time like I used to be and instead I’m obviously much more relaxed. My kids tell me they “hit the jackpot” having me as their mom! How special is that!!!😁

A Frantic Mom 💚

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