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My Highest Breath Score!!!

I got my highest breath score today!! Some of you, I’m sure, are wondering what a breath score is.

It’s a score derived from a device issued to me by a company called Invoy. I received it as a part of my employer’s wellness program. What I do with the breath analyzer device is turn it on each day and sync it with my Invoy app. I insert a pod into the device and breath into the device when prompted by the app. After two minutes, I’m given a score. The higher the number, the more fat my body is burning based on the “chemicals” found in my breath analysis. If I get a score of 3.0 or higher for the day, it means I’m definitely burning fat. Any number below a 3.0, Invoy can’t guarantee me that I’m burning fat based on their program.

Well today I scored higher than ever….(drum roll please) 😊


Wishing everyone great health and wellness! Take advantage of what your employer has to offer within their wellness programs. Until next time ladies…

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