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Routine Is 🔑 to Lasting Change 💛

So I beat my record breath score of 6!!! My new record score is… 🫣

A 7.8!!! Let me rewind a bit so you know how much of a big deal this is! You see, when I first started using a breath analyzer device (months ago) to gauge my weight loss; I consistently blew zeros no matter what.

A breath score of 3 or higher indicates with certainty that your body is burning fat. Any score below a 3 indicates your body is not burning fat.

Despite getting so many scores of zero, I managed to continue implementing what I know about health and wellness and I continued learning about health and wellness because I have a vision of what I want my body to feel and look like.

Cute video of an aged healthy man

What I want to bring to your attention (if you look at the image above of my breath score) is that I’m blowing higher scores without exercising. The key to my current results has been consistency with certain habits over a period of time. Even though I’m not at the weight I want to be at, my body feels different. I know lasting change is happening and I’m okay with it not happening overnight.

Also, I will implement exercise soon and that will enhance and speed up my body transformation.

“Check-ins” involve me recording my health and wellness activities from the previous day into my breath analyzer app. Even though I couldn’t see what this was doing for me at the time, now I see that it has helped me build awareness around my eating, health and wellness activities.

As a result, I’m super aware of how my choices impact my body and, therefore, I choose wisely. For example, yesterday at work we ordered food for a team lunch. My meal choice comes with shrimp, sausage and bacon. I asked that mine be made without the sausage and bacon because I know those two meats would have made me feel heavy and tired and thats not how I wanted to feel. Especially not at noon on a work day.

Now, this does not mean that I don’t eat sausage or bacon, it just means I know when to eat them and I know how much to eat. I don’t overindulge anymore.

This behavior does not come natural to us so we have to learn it and practice it over time.

I can help you as your life and wellness coach to make consistent progress on your journey to becoming the best version of you.

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The Life, Money and Wellness Coach, Sam

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