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What My Coach/Counselor Revealed To Me

So, I took my own advice and spoke with a coach/counselor. I will just refer to her as my counselor. I want to share with you one of the things I mentioned to my counselor that she gave me insightful feedback on.

Before I delve deeper, I want you to know I asked my counselor to help me identify my blind spots, okay?

I told my counselor that I get annoyed when I see my husband watching too much television. I told her that if I asked him to do something he would get up and do it so that is no problem. The problem is I feel too much television watching is a waste of time. My husband has dreams and goals and I feel he could devote some of his television-watching time to working on those things.

Well, what my counselor said to me is that I should recognize that we are different people and that his television watching may be a spiritual invitation to me to relax more and to slow down. I’ve been thinking heavily about what my counselor said because I never thought of it this way; but I think there is some truth in what she revealed to me.

Well, Until next time, go and see a counselor and find out what your blindspots are! Talk soon!

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